Captions [L-R]: 2003 Honda Insight (Hybrid), Solar Arrays, Wind Turbines, Mass Transit Bus

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José Goldemberg

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Professor José Goldemberg earned his Ph.D. in Physical Science from Universidade de São Paulo of which he is former Rector and Full Professor. He is currently secretary for the environment of the State of São Paulo, Brazil. He has served as the President of the Brazilian Association for the Advancement of Science and as the Secretary of State for Science and Technology, Secretary of the Environment and Minister of State of Education of the Federal Government of Brazil until August 1992. Dr. Goldemberg was acting Minister of Environment for Brazil in 1992 during the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio De Janeiro. He has authored many technical papers and books on Nuclear Physics, Environment and Energy.

Click here to access Professor Goldemberg’s detailed Curriculum Vitae.


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